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The Kit Digital program is part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, the Digital Spain 2025 agenda and the SME Digitalization Plan 2021-2025. In addition, it is funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.

Who is the target audience?

Segment I

Companies with between 10 and 49 employees.
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Segment II

SMEs with 3 to 9 employees.
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Segment III

Micro-SMEs and self-employed between 0 and 2 employees.
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Price of the service

From 2.700€ per year + VAT

This solution includes a number of hours dedicated to parameterization for the definition of the specifics of the streaming processes, as well as for data loading. These hours are determined, for each of the business segments defined in Article 8.2, as follows:

Segment I

70 h of parameterization

Segment II

40 h of parameterization

Segment III

30 h of parameterization

Services included

Flumotion’s Online Video Patform is a unified management web portal for all video and audio files. Allows you to customize, edit, monetize, and automate the distribution of content through web platforms, APP, OTT…

Account management with different user accounts, with managed profiles and permissions.

Flumotion distributes digital content with the lowest possible latency, thanks to its agreements with world-class CDN providers. We mainly use Amazon Cloudfront, Fastly and Flumotion Audio CDN.

Flumotion’s support team is a guarantee of availability and reliability to configure and resolve technical questions about our services.

The Flumotion team provides training on Flumotion’s streaming technology to guarantee the correct use and knowledge of its users.

Flumotion has a very complete interface that allows software developers to access and use all the functionalities of our CMS in an automated way and with the ability to adapt it to the client’s needs.

At Flumotion we can integrate with any of our clients’ databases and automate their Business Intelligence systems on our servers.

This process is essential for the subsequent implementation and deployment of the digitization solution that will provide, as a minimum, the functionalities and services detailed below:


The solution shall provide a minimum storage capacity of 1GB per user.


Integration with various platforms (APIs or Web Services). The solution must have APIs or Web Services for integration with other tools.

Data panel

The solution will allow the creation of customized data dashboards with relevant data and different forms of visualization.


The solution will allow the export of data and images or to Excel documents, creating synergies and compatibility with different programs commonly used by users.


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